5 June 2018

The ASP was represented today at a tea party on the terrace of the Palace of Westminster, hosted jointly by the TES and Lucy Powell MP. Many other MPs representing constituencies of nominated schools also attended, so it was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the amazing partnerships growing in Abingdon with our own MP, and ex-Physics teacher, Layla Moran.

It was also an opportunity to meet some of the people who have been shortlisted, chat about their projects and experience the incredible sense of purpose, dedication and belief in the importance of their profession for the future of our society. Being shortlisted in the Communities and Collaboration Category is a source of pride to everyone involved in ASP, both at Abingdon School and in our many partner organisations. In the words of Layla Moran MP, interviewed at the event by a TES journalist ,'This category breaks down barriers. When you get great collaboration it offers benefit for all’.

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