18 May 2021

The 1st VIII played in the second round of the ISL competition on Saturday 15 of May. Despite a second weekend of inclement weather the students played very well and were the group winners. Out of a possible 72 sets the final results were:

Abingdon – 28
Tonbridge – 25
Charterhouse – 12
Wellington – 7

This means that Abingdon placed fifth overall in the ISL league this year, a three place improvement on the 2019 season. Considering the ISL league is made up of some very competitive tennis schools, this is a really excellent result. All credit to the students who have really stepped up and shown what they are made of!

We also had a block fixture vs Winchester on Saturday 15 May. The U18As and Bs and the U15As and Bs traveled to Winchester with their fingers crossed for fair weather. The U14As, Bs and Cs played Winchster at Tilsley Park. Admittedly the weather was far from perfect, with occasional stoppages in play. But the overall quality of tennis was really excellent.

All three U14 teams put in a stellar performance and were victorious across the board. A fantastic result that they can hopefully continue in their next fixture. The U15s had a slightly tougher time, with the U15As narrowly losing out despite some really close matches. The U15Bs put in a great performance and won 7-2 in overall matches. The U18 teams, somewhat hampered by the absence of the 1st VIII at the ISL tournament, worked hard against a very strong Winchester side. Unfortunately, despite some hard fought battles and strong defensive play, they were unsuccessful overall. They did however, show real grit and determination.

All in all, it was a good fixture and well worth persevering through the slightly unseasonable weather.

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