24 September 2020

Two upper sixth form students, Ben Broadbent and Freddie Nicholson, were tasked with developing a digital coach departures board to prevent crowding around the physical board that the boys have got used to from previous years.

The project which is important in maintaining social distancing at the end of the day was split into several stages to determine the best system for students. In the end it was decided on a mobile webpage making it easily accessible from any modern device.

Ben worked on the main bulk of code for the backend, maps and the logic on the front end (what the user sees). Freddie worked on the code architecture and assisted with implementation of the final system. The code is all written in HTML, Python and Javascript which are taught as part of the Computer Science syllabus from the Third Year onwards. Students are able to take on programming projects like these in Other Half Computing.

Our sister school, St Helen and St Katharine who share the joint bus service have asked Ben and Freddie to develop a version of the app that they can use.

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