Staff Members Archive | Abingdon Senior School
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Name Department Position Email
Tom Allen
BA, Exeter, PGCE, Exeter
History Email
James Ambrose
BA, Oxford, MSt, Oxford, DPhil, Oxford
Modern Languages Email
Nick Ball
BSc, University of Wales, Swansea, PGCE, Gloucestershire
Mathematics Email
Lawrence Barber
MSc, Cardiff
Physics, Science Email
Henry Barnes
BA Hons, Heythrop College, University of London, PGCE, University of Buckingham
Philosophy and Theology Email
Sarah Beynon
MA, Trinity College, Cambridge, MSc, Reading, PGCE, Oxford Brookes, PGDip(SEN), Oxford Brookes
Learning Support Acting Head of Learning Support Email
Pete Bignell
BEd, De Montfort University
Physical Education Director of Sport and PE Email
Elliot Birkbeck
BSc, University of Leeds, PGCE, Buckingham
Physical Education Email
Simon Bliss
BSc, University College, Cardiff, PGCE, Reading
Biology, Science Email
David Border
BSc Hons, University of the West of England, PGCE Oxon
Chemistry, Science Housemaster Email
Joanna Bridgeworth
BA, University of Kent, PGCE, St Hugh's College, Oxford
English Email
Nathan Brittain
BA, Oxford, PGCE, Oxford Brookes
French, Modern Languages Head of French Email
Andrew Broadbent
BEd, College of St Paul and St Mary, Cheltenham
Mathematics, Physical Education Email
John Brooks
BSc, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, PGCE, Aberystwyth
Physics, Science Email
Chris Burnand
MA, DPhil, St John's College and St. Hugh's College, Oxford
Classics Email
Katherine Burrows
BA University of Leeds, MA UEA, PGCE IOE London
English Email
Katharine Byrne
BA, Bath Academy of Art, PGCE, Oxon Bucks Partnership
Art and Design Email
Tim Chase
BA, King’s College, London, PGCE, MA, St John's College, Cambridge
History Email
Vanessa Clark
BSc, Aston, PGCE, Swansea
EFL Email
Celia Collins
MA, Wadham College, Oxford, Dip. SpLD, Dyslexia Institute
Learning Support Email
Graham Cook
MMath (Jesus College Oxford), PGCE University of Reading
Mathematics Email
Matthew Coolin
BA, Nottingham Trent PGCE, Nottingham MA, Nottingham
English Head of English Email
Maud Cottrell
BA, Bath, PGCE, University of Bath
French, German, Modern Languages Email
Samantha Coull
MA, St Peter's College Oxford, PGCE, St Hilda's College Oxford
Mathematics Head of Mathematics Email
Andrew Crisp
BA, University of Salford, PGCE, London University
French, Modern Languages Middle Master Email
Mike Davies
BSc, Cardiff Metropolitan MSc, Hartpury
Physical Education Email
David Dawswell
BSc, ACGI, Imperial College
Mathematics Second Master Email
Mathew Dempsey
BSc, Reading University, PGCE, St Hugh's College, University of Oxford
Biology, Science Email
Amy Donnelly
BA Hons, St John's College, Cambridge, PCGE, Oxford
Geography Head of Geography Email
Tom Donnelly
BSc, Loughborough, PGCE, Buckingham
Physical Education Housemaster Email
Thomas Eames-Jones
BA, Leeds, PGCE, Leeds
Philosophy and Theology Head of Philosophy and Theology Email
Mark Earnshaw
BA Hons, University of Wales Swansea, MA University of Warwick, PGCE, University of Bristol
History Email
Julian Easterbrook
BA (Hons) University of Leeds, PGCE (Leeds)
Mathematics Email
Maris Elmore
MMath, Durham, PGCE, Oxford, MSc, Oxford
Mathematics Email
Regina Engel-Hart
MA, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
French, German, Modern Languages, Spanish Head of Spanish (joint) Email
Stuart Evans
BA, Durham, PGCE, Oxford
English Email
Dean Evans
BA (Hons), York, PGCE Sheffield
Economics Email
Emma Fever
BA (Hons), Nottingham Trent
Drama Email
Richard Fisher
BSc, Exeter University
Chemistry, Science Science Co-ordinator Email
Jenny Fishpool
MA, Brasenose College, Oxford, PGCE, University of London
Classics Email
Christopher Fletcher-Campbell
MA, Magdalen College, Oxford, ARCO, LRAM, ARCM
Music Email
Michael Frampton
MChem Keble College Oxford, DPhil Linacre College Oxford
Chemistry, Science Head of Chemistry Email
David Franklin
MA, Magdalen College, Oxford
Classics Housemaster Email
Graham Gardner
BA, Aberystwyth University, PhD, Aberystwyth University
Library Email
Sarah Gibbard
BSc, Nottingham, PGCE, KCL
Biology, Science Email
Matthew Gold
BA (QTS) St Mary's College
Physical Education Email
James Golding
BSc University of Worcester
Physical Education Housemaster Email
Paul Gooding
MA, Pembroke College, Oxford, Diploma in Theology, Diploma in Ministry, Oxford, FRGS, PGCE, Oxford
Geography Head of Wellbeing Email
Timothy Goodman
MBiochem, Oxford, PGCE, Exeter
Chemistry, Science Email
Tony Gray
BA, Royal Holloway, University of London, PGCE, Institute of Education, University of London
Economics Email
Simon Grills
BSc, Bath; MSc, Birkbeck College, London; MPhil, Queens' College, Cambridge
Economics Email
Laura Haar
PhD, MA, Department of Economics, Reading
Economics Email
Chris Hack
MSci, MA, Cambridge
Physics, Science Email
Clare Hamilton
BSc, Leeds, PGCE, Oxford Brookes
Biology, Science Email
Elizabeth Hancock
MA Pembroke College Oxford, PGCE Oxford Brookes
Art and Design Email
Adam Hepworth
BSc University of Bristol, PGCE University of Worcester
Economics Head of Economics & Business Email
Mark Hindley
MA, Bristol University, LLB, UCL
English Deputy Head Pastoral Email
Oscar Hird
MA, MPhil, Oxford, PGCE, King's College London
Classics Email
Wendy Hole
BSc Hons University College Cardiff
Library Email
Rebecca Howe
MBiochem, New College, DPhil, Linacre College, PGCE, University of Oxford
Chemistry, Science Email
Dan Hughes
BA, Brunel
Design Technology Head of Design & Technology Email
Richard Jackson
MA, Brasenose College, Oxford
History Email
David James
BEng (Hons), Coventry, MSc, Cranfield, PGCE, University of the West of England
Design Technology Email
Simon James
MPhys, Jesus College, Oxford
Physics, Science Housemaster Email
Andrew Jamison
BA, Queen Mary, University of London, MLitt, St Andrews, PGCE
English Email
Robert Jeffreys
BSc, PhD, Bangor, PGCE, Open University
Biology, Science Email
Adam Jenkins
MA, Bristol
Classics Housemaster Email
Robert Jenkins
BSc, Edinburgh, MA, Leicester
Physics, Science Email
Mark Johnson
MEng Mechanical Engineering, University of Portsmouth, PGCE, Buckingham
Design Technology Email
Becca Justice
BA, Cardiff, MA, Exeter, PhD, Birmingham, PGCE, Buckingham
English Email
Eleanor Kaye
BSc, PGCE, University of Leeds
Mathematics Email
Matthew Kendry
MA, MEng, St John's College, Cambridge
Mathematics Head of Boarding, Housemaster Email
Nicholas Knowland
History Head of History Email
Katy Lee
BSocSc, Cape Town, M.Ed, Edinburgh University
EFL Head of EFL Email
Kate Ley
BSc, Imperial College London, PGCE, University of Oxford
Chemistry, Science Email
Mike Litchfield
BSc, Manchester
Chemistry, Science Housemaster Email
Nick Lloyd
University of Oxford, Pembroke College, Master of Chemistry
Drama Email
Oliver Lomax
BA, MA, Lincoln College, Oxford, PGCE, Oxford
Computer Science, Physics, Science Curriculum Director Email
Kevin Magee
BSc, MSc, Queen's University Belfast, PGCE, Bath
Physics, Science Email
Daniel Mason
BSc, Imperial College London, PGCE, Surrey
Physics, Science Email
Graeme May
BA, MA, Oxford
Classics Deputy Head Academic Email
Joe McDonnell
BA (Hons), University of Exeter, MA, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, PGCE, Buckingham
Drama Email
David McGill
BA, Oxford, MA, King's College, London, PGCE, Cambridge
History Email
Amanda McKend
BA, University of Bristol, MA, University of Reading, PGCE, Cambridge
Classics Email
Ian Middleton
MA, Kings College, Cambridge, PGCE, Cambridge
Chemistry, Science Email
Victoria Middleton
MA, Newnham College, Cambridge, PGCE, Cambridge
French, German, Modern Languages Email
Megan Milarski
BA, Lincoln College, Oxford
Science Email
Lynn Mills
Library Email
Lucy Moonen
PGCE, Oxford, MA, Cambridge, MSc, Oxford
History Email
Peter Moore
BSc, Swansea, PGCE, Oxford
Geography Email
Henry Morgan
MMath, Christ Church, Oxford
Mathematics Director of Other Half Email
Harry Moulder
MSci, UCL, PGCE, Oxford
Physics, Science Email
Catherine Muller
BSc, PGCE, Bath
Mathematics Email
Raquel Fraile Munoz
MA University of Salamanca (Spain)
Modern Languages, Spanish Email
Nick O’Doherty
BSc Hons, Bristol, PGCE, Nottingham
Geography Upper Master Email
Emily O’Doherty
BA Hons, Bretton Hall, University of Leeds, PGCE, Hughes Hall, Cambridge
Art and Design Housemaster Email
David Panter
MEng, Loughborough, PGCE, Open University
Mathematics Email
Rena Papadopoulos
BA, Sydney, MA, PGCE, London
English Email
Sophie Payne
MA, Edinburgh, PGCE, Sussex
German, Modern Languages, Spanish Head of Spanish (joint) Email
Alice Perry
MSc, Birmingham
Physics, Science Email
Esther Peternek
MA, Germany, PGCE, Goldsmiths, University of London
Modern Languages Email
Ben Phillips
BA, Reading, PGCE, Reading
Drama Head of Drama Email
Sarah-Jane Poole
BSc, Aston University, PGCE, Oxford
French, German, Modern Languages Head of German Email
Martin Poon
MMath Exeter College, Oxford, PGCE, Oxford
Mathematics Email
Saoirse Pottie
BSc, Anglia Ruskin
Geography Email
Victoria Pradas
BA, University of Seville (Spain)
Modern Languages, Spanish Email
Jason Preece
BMus, Birmingham, MSt, DPhil, Worcester College, Oxford, PGCE, LTCL
Music Email
Henrietta Preiss-Chapman
BA, University of Exeter, PGCE, University of Surrey, PGDip Ed (SEN) Oxford Brookes
Learning Support Email
Hugh Price
BA, Worcester College, Oxford, PGCE, KCL
Classics Head of Classics Email
Mariette Pringle
Music Email
Richard Pygott
MA, Cambridge, MSc, Oxford, PGCE, Oxford
Geography Housemaster Email
Ronnie Reading
BA, University of Leeds, PGCE, Manchester Metropolitan University
Modern Languages Director of Teaching and Learning Email
Nick Revill
BA, Sussex, PGCE, Norwich
French, German, Modern Languages Email
Steven Richards
BSc, Manchester Metropolitan, MSc, Leeds Metropolitan, PGCE, Buckingham
Physical Education Email
Callum Richardson
BA, Oxford
Economics Email
Katyana Rocker-Cook
BA, Warwick, MA, Warwick, PGCE, Oxford
English Email
Behnoosh Sabah
BSc, Razi University, Iran, PGCE, Warwick
Mathematics Email
Ellen Salow
BA, St Hugh's College, Oxford, MSc, Imperial College, London
Physics, Science Email
Ben Simmons
BSc, Trevelyan College, Durham, PGCE, Wolverhampton
Physics, Science Head of Physics Email
Mark Simpson
BA, MA and DPhil, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, PGCE
Chemistry, Science Email
Robin Southwell-Sander
BA, Birmingham, PGCE, Birmingham University
Geography Director of Partnerships Email
Natalie Spurling-Holt
BA, Exeter, PGCE, Oxford Brookes
Philosophy and Theology Email
Simon Steer
BA, York, PGCE, Oxford, Diploma in Theology, Cambridge, PhD, USA
Philosophy and Theology Chaplain Email
Michael Stinton
MA, Worcester College, Oxford, LRAM, ARCM
Music Director of Music Email
William Stockdale
MA, Oxford
Geography Email
Amanda Streatfield
BEd, De Montfort, TEFL
EFL Email
Sarah Stringer
MSci, Birmingham
Physics, Science Email
Lynette Stulting
MA, Pretoria
Music Email
Caroline Taylor
BA, Bristol
UCAS - University Admissions Email
Jason Taylor
MEng, Cambridge, PGCE, Buckingham
Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics Email
Richard Taylor
BA Balliol College, Oxford PGCE
Biology, Science Email
Jeremy Taylor
MA, St Catharine's College, Cambridge, PGCE, Strathclyde University
Drama Email
Jeremy Thomas
BSc, Bristol, MSc, Southampton, Certificate in Education, Bath
Physics, Science Email
Adam Treadaway
MA, York, PGCE
Music Director of eLearning Email
Michael Triff
MS, University of Georgia (USA), QCD, Open University
Career Guidance Email
Mike Webb
BSc, Kingston
Design Technology Email
Ben Whitworth
BA, Magdalene College, Cambridge
Biology, Computer Science, Science Head of Biology Email
Alexandra von Widdern
BA, PGCE, East Anglia
German, Modern Languages Email
Harry Williams
MMath, Sussex, PGCE, Reading
Mathematics Email
Paul Williamson
BA, Staffordshire PGCE, University of Central England
Art and Design Head of Art Email
Emma Williamson
BA, MA, Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, PGCE, University of Bristol
English Email
Peter Willis
BSC, PhD, Monash, PGCE, Buckingham
Computer Science, Physics, Science Head of Computer Science Email
Kathy Yarker
BSc, Hons Queen's University Belfast, PGCE, Oxford
Geography Email
Gao Zhang
MSc, University of Surrey, PGCE, University of Hull
Chinese, Modern Languages Head of Chinese Email