17 October 2019

The ASP co-ordinated a visit for 42 pupils from seven local primary schools to take part in the Inspiration Day at Oxford University for the annual Primary Science Fair, which will take place during Abingdon ATOM Festival of Science and Technology in March 2020.

This year's theme is Smart Materials, so the Inspiration Day was hosted jointly by the Physics Department and the Materials Science Department at the University. The children were welcomed with an exciting show entitled 'Magnets Fantastic' presented by ATOM Festival regular Dr Kathryn Boast, physicist and outreach officer at Hertford College.

They were then able to interact with the materials scientists and physicists who ran a circus of hands-on activities including making magnetic slime, investigating photo-voltaic panels and superconductors. The children were then given some information about the Primary Science Fair, to be held at Fitzharrys School for the first time this year, and discussed a few of their exciting ideas for future uses of new materials.

Many excellent ideas were suggested so we look forward to seeing the results and another exhibition of stunning and engaging exhibition stands at ATOM 2020.

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