During the Easter holidays, we travelled to the picturesque village of Masella which was surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the Spanish Pyrenees. We collected our kit, headed to the slopes, and met with our instructors for the week who were all incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. The weather was nice and warm throughout the week, and luckily, we had some good snowfall on Tuesday night which topped up the slopes for the rest of the week. Everyone certainly learnt something new and improved their skiing technique, especially the beginners who progressed to doing a red slope in only 5 days, quite an achievement! We even learnt some new Spanish words and had a go at speaking to the hotel staff and ski instructors.

Throughout the week we all thoroughly enjoyed the food especially the breakfast which contained famous Spanish food such as churros and copious amounts of hot chocolate. We also enjoyed a range of après-ski activities, such as playing football with the local Spanish people, a music quiz, karaoke, and the highlight being pizza and bowling won by Quinn with a comfortable 134. On the final day, all of the groups came together to have some fun trying jumps and throwing snowballs at each other which was possibly one of the highlights of the week. A huge thank you must be extended to Phillipe, Mr Eames-Jones, Mr Ball, Mr McGill, Mr Richardson, Mr and Mrs O’Doherty as well as all the ski instructors in Masella who made the week incredibly enjoyable and one to remember.

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