5 June 2020

Abingdon School’s Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning, Lucy Moonen, puts pen to paper to help young children understand the COVID pandemic.

Written by Lucy Moonen and illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Gillian Johnson, the story of Simon and Rosie takes place in the current context. It is a tale of friendship, loneliness, imagination and self-acceptance. Its setting is commonplace – the park near your home – yet what happens is magical. Through emotive story-telling and evocative illustration, humour and relatable characters, Simon and Rosie provides a gentle introduction to conversations about COVID-19 with very young children.

The story is available as a free download at www.SimonandRosie.com along with colouring sheets and Key Stage 1 PSHE curriculum links. A voluntary donation to the NHS is suggested via www.NHScharitiestogether.co.uk, in recognition of the heroic work of its medics to combat the epidemic.

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