21 March 2019

Last Thursday saw the second science mentoring session within our growing partnership program. It took place in the Yang Science Centre and involved upwards of 25 sixth formers from Abingdon, Fitzharrys, John Mason and Larkmead as well as almost 40 students in Year 8 from the same schools.

Physics topics covered included voltage, while in biology they were looking at enzyme reaction rates and finally in chemistry they were exploring quantitative chemistry.

As we have come to expect the sixth form mentors were incredibly competent, well organised and engaging. It is great to see students from different schools working together towards a common goal and showing real leadership skills.

The lessons were fun and included a variety of activities such as throwing balls at key symbols of a circuit, Kahoot quizzes on enzyme rates and a chemistry practical.

We have another two sessions coming up before the end of term. 

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