3 July 2017

Disgusting Digestion lived up to its title at Science Oxford and Abingdon Science Partnership's final Saturday Science Club of the academic year. Every step of the digestive process was examined in detail, complete with whoopee cushion sound effects and construction of model guts from plastic bags and pairs of tights. Parents and children were challenged to show what they had learnt by constructing a life sized model of the digestive system using their artistic, as well as scientific, talents. This resulted in a very colourful, and satisfyingly accurate, display of body models by the end of the morning. The collaboration between Science Oxford and ASP has led to another very successful series of Saturday Science Clubs in Abingdon this year and also provided excellent opportunities for the School's Science Ambassadors to demonstrate leadership, presentational skills and scientific knowledge to the wider public. Their dedication and enjoyment of these events was exemplified this week by veteran Science Ambassador Alasdair Czaplewski, who is currently on study leave after finishing his GCSEs but still turned up to help.

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