4 December 2018

Science Ambassadors played a vital role at this month's Science Oxford Saturday Science Clubs in the ASP Lab.

The topic was Our Amazing Bodies, with lots of activities about hearts, lungs and blood, ably led by Mrs Sarah Beynon and other members of the ASP team.

Science Ambassadors with a particular interest in biology were able to demonstrate their dissection skills and knowledge of hearts and kidneys by helping over thirty 5-9 year olds and their parents with the activities.

These included measuring pulse rates before and after some vigorous dancing; measuring lung volume and making a model kidney. The high point though, for most of the children and all of the parents, was being given an actual pig's heart and a lamb's kidney to dissect.

Saturday Science Clubs are now finished for this year, but the children, and the Science Ambassadors, are all looking forward to exciting new topics for the monthly sessions in the New Year.

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