1 May 2020

In an attempt to stay active and connected through the present situation, the Abingdon community has set itself the challenge of running and walking the circumference of the world.

Can we lap the globe as a collective? Circumference of the world: 40,075km

Students, OAs, staff and families from the Abingdon community are all welcome to take part! If you want to be part of the journey simply join our Strava Club – ‘Abingdon School Cross-country‘.

Once you have joined the club, each time you log a walk or run it will count towards the collective total.

We will be ‘setting off’ from School on Monday 4 May, first stop London.

Weekly updates on our progress will be available via the Abingdon Athletics and Cross Country Twitter account. (@AbingdonTFXC).

Please make sure your exercise is carried out in a responsible way, adhering to the social distancing guidelines. Please also follow best practice privacy guidelines on your Strava account.

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