The finals of RoboCon Oxfordshire 2024 were held at Abingdon School during the Easter holidays. Teams from schools across Oxfordshire came together to pit their robots against each other in the arena. The teams had been working since November designing, building, programming and testing their robots and now came the test; how would they perform? Students from Abingdon School ran the competition and gave assistance to the teams when they needed it.

Gosford Hill School Team 1 came out overall winners, with John Mason School Second and Fitzharrys School Third. There were also prizes awarded for:

  • The most perseverance in the face of adversity (The Swan School)
  • The team with the most robot and team flair (Gosford Hills School Team 2)
  • The team using most ingenious technique or logical development (Matthew Arnold School)

Everyone enjoyed themselves and plans to come back again in November for the robotics training day and launch of RoboCon Oxfordshire 2025.

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