6 December 2021

Eight members of the School Rifle Club went to the Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley to shoot in the BSSRA 50m Winter Open. The highest scorer from the school team was Oscar Bennett with a score of 383.015, which placed him second overall and winning the age 17 category.

In the junior pairs Felix Nolan and Marius Williamson came 4th and Philip Ashton and William Bee came 21st. In the senior pairs Felix and Marius came 9th, Oscar Bennett and Charles Symonds came 32nd, Gavin Wang and Peter Harris came 48th and Philip and William came 61st.

In the fours, Oscar, Charles, Felix and Marius came 7th and Philip, William, Gavin and Peter came 29th. In the eight, the team came 10th.

Congratulations to all involved – very good shooting!

Individual age category scores

Charles Symonds – 341.001 – 10th in age 18 category
Oscar Bennett – 383.015 – 1st in age 17 category
Peter Harris – 341.003 – 34th in age 17 category
Gavin Wang – 366.008 – 13th in age 16 category
Marius Williamson – 382.016 – 3rd in age 15 category
Felix Nolan – 368.005 – 7th in age 15 category
William Bee – 346.005 – 20th in age 14 category
Philip Ashton – 316.003 – 26th in age 14 category

Individual overall placings

Oscar – 2nd
Marius – 4th
Felix – 44th
Gavin – 52nd
William – 110th
Peter – 117th
Charles – 118th
Philip – 137th

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