10 December 2018

Founded in 1991, the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships programme aims to identify, inspire and nurture future leaders in engineering and design. More than 150 organisations such as professional institutions, trade associations and schools support the programme.

Only the highest performing students from all educational backgrounds are selected following assessments including a two-hour aptitude exam and a university-based interview. Those who succeed receive academic and financial support during their studies.

Abingdon has had a long history of students successfully being awarded the scholarship, with many now working in the fields of architecture, engineering and product design. This year was an exceptional year for Abingdon with a record four students securing the prestigious award. This now gives us a total of six scholars in our sixth form.

As part of the scholarship, our students will now gain access to a range of enrichment experiences such as conferences, Connect Days, mentoring, residential courses and university VIP days, which will help them prepare for their university courses and subsequent careers.

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