7 February 2019

The upper boats of the Boat Club had a good first showing at Quintin Head, which takes place over two thirds of the championships Schools’ Head course.

The 1st VIII raced in the Open Mens Senior category, while two matched crews of 5th years – named Isaac and Newton – raced in the J16 category. The 2nd VIII was unable to race due to illness. The 1st VIII came away 6th in the senior category, and was the 3rd ranked junior crew of the day. The matched J16 crews finished within 5 seconds of each other, coming 6th and 7th respectively in their event.

With Wycliffe Head sadly cancelled, the next race for the Boat Club is Hammersmith Head on 2 March, which will see eight senior, J16 and J15 crews racing on the Tideway once again.

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