2 July 2020

Congratulations to upper sixth formers Ed Gill and Tom Phillip who entered classics’ competitions run by the magazine Omnibus, which is produced by the Classical Association (by university academics) largely for sixth formers. The magazine runs two annual competitions, one for translating one of a list of set passages in a stylish way (the Sam Hood Prize). This was won by Ed Gill for the piece published in this issue, by translating a piece of Aeschylus’ tragedy, the Agamemnon, modernising it to a gangland setting, but being very faithful to the original Greek text at the same time.

Tom Phillip was a runner-up for the 2000-word Gladstone essay prize, where you have to write a piece on one of a group of set titles: he chose to write one on the relations between fathers and sons in ancient epic.

View the entires here

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