23 November 2018

The first Primary Science Club session of the year ran successfully in the Abingdon Science Partnership Lab with 20 pupils from five local primary schools attending.

The whole session was planned and run by a new team of Abingdon School Science Ambassadors supervised by ASP staff and science technicians.

This week's topic was flame tests. After an introduction to safe and correct use of Bunsen burners, the pupils tested eight different salts and observed the colours they produced in the flame.

Using their new found knowledge, they were then asked to plan a design for an exciting firework using the colours produced in the investigation.

The primary children obviously enjoyed the session and are looking forward to returning for several more sessions this term.

The new Science Ambassadors were trained by Senior Ambassadors, Colm Lambert and Freddie Nicholson, who had obviously done an excellent job.

Next week, a second team of Ambassadors will lead a new activity, whilst this week's team evaluate the feedback forms filled in by the primary children and plan the following week's session.

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