12 September 2018

Following their incredibly successful recruitment drive and taster session at the end of the last year, the ASP Science Ambassadors that run the weekly Primary Science Club have begun training their newly recruited leaders.

During a session superbly organised by Freddie Nicholson and Colm Lambert, boys from the Fourth Year to Sixth Form were guided through how to plan a primary science activity, from ordering equipment to evaluation (which they were reassured has always been extremely positive in the past!).

In true teacher style, the new recruits were soon put to work and given the task of designing and presenting an idea for an activity. Some brilliant and original ideas were prepared, including a rainbow liquid column to explain concepts related to density.

The new recruits have certainly been well prepared for the challenge of teaching almost 30 primary school children after the half term break. Even the intense questioning from last year’s experienced leaders didn’t seem to put them off! We can’t wait to see how our new ambassadors will develop and inspire primary school children to get excited about science.

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