4 May 2020

As part of their English lessons, boys in the Second Year have been writing some beautiful poems reflecting on the coronavirus crisis.

'I look at the world: Covid 19 Edition' by Oliver Veal

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I look at the world: Covid 19 Edition

I used to look at the world and there was so much to see,
but everyone in it was stuck on a screen,
I walked this way, blue light. That way, blue light.
All on social media, obsessed and uptight.

I look at the world and there is less to be seen,
there isn’t much to do now but look at your screen,
the shops are empty, so are the streets,
Our time in isolation is just obscene.

I will look at the world after all of this is done,
there will be kids in the park, having lots of fun.
The shops will be packed, to go outside we’ll be keen,
and hopefully, we will stay off our screens.

'As we know it' by Rupert Mathieson

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As we know it

People avoid each other,
We all are in our own bubbles,
No one meets your eye,
No one greets you by the hand.

We look back to the shadows of former freedom,
The times when we were the masters of our own,
Our future is controlled by our leaders,
Their decisions affect our lives.

Our loyal medics protect us,
Gratitude binds us and we clap for them as one body,
They stand by us in these hardest of times,
They are the heroes of the front line.

We are all caught up in the battle,
There will be casualties,
There will be pain,
But we will all rise after as one, stronger than ever.

Times will be tough,
People will be in pain,
We will all make sacrifices,
No one will forget this.

Even if we feel alone,
We still can overcome this time,
We will pull through.
We will stand up and fight.

But this is life as we know it.

'Corona' by William Sue


Some say its beer some say its a virus
so let me tell you some tips for the coronavirus
You cannot stay in bars or clubs
and don’t think about going to pubs

First it was good we were kept off school
but now it seems we were all fools
Now I’m staying in quarantine
and spent my birthday as a teen

I paced the house back to back
and saw this shiny black plaque
Now the trees are bright green
This is life with Covid-19

By Sion Actur

The impossible is no longer a distant thought
Escaping reality is not something that can be bought
Loneliness is becoming the normality
Luxuries we once knew are merely a vanity
Our weakness and our pain
Makes us wonder if we were ever sane
The earth has spoken and we are listening
The stars are awake and are glistening
We will once again, go back to the past
Ignore this experience and pretend it never last
Generations to come, will recall are expressions
Our failures now, will be a history of our transgressions
Humans now have the courage to forget
But let’s be sure this is not our biggest regret
We are a dot on this deadly path
Be kind and caring and always make sure you laugh!

By Henry Haynes

It was in the year 2020
Where a virus outbreak was to occur
Every family to them self
To live alone through summer
Inside in despair
I would tell myself
It was a once in a lifetime occasion never to happen again

At the end of this outbreak
People would look frail and lost
Having forgotten normal life
Uneasy to step outside
Losing relationships and friends
I would tell myself
It was a once in a lifetime occasion never to happen again

I woke up in my dreams
Thinking of the summer i’m used to
Lost in the future
Instead spending summer inside
Lonely with a deep urge to go outside inside of me
But I would tell myself
It was a once in a lifetime occasion never to happen again

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