24 March 2021

Ashwin Tennant and Will Taylor were invited to take part (remotely) in the British Physics Olympiad Round 2. This is an elite academic competition. Ashwin achieved a Bronze award and Will a Silver award, both outstanding achievements. Ashwin and Will were among the top 100 nationally, out of the 1600 entrants who took part in the first round.

In the organiser’s own words:

“This is a fantastic achievement and [students] should be very proud of [their] success. Students always find this paper difficult… this paper is taken to test for stamina, determination and resilience, not merely knowledge of physics topics and technical skills. It is set as a direct challenge to academic strength. Participating does require a sense of adventure… The majority of students would not even try these questions. The paper is at that level in order to set.. an extreme challenge”

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