24 February 2023

As part of our partnership program, as a school we look to forge positive and mutually beneficial relationships with local schools. An example of this is a thriving performing and creative arts club taking place at Thameside Primary School in Abingdon. Every Wednesday afternoon, Abingdon staff, Jason Preece and Regina Engel-Hart, and OA Mac Adams take up to 10 Abingdon students to run two clubs. The music club sees Jason Preece and Mac Adams along with up to 15 enthusiastic Year 5 and 6 students from Thameside learn the music and lyrics from songs by artists including Adele and The Greatest Showman. The enjoyment and enthusiasm on show is tangible and it will hopefully lead up to an assembly performance at Thameside later in the term. While the singing is going on in one corner of the hall, the creative arts club sees Abingdon School students work alongside Thameside students to create artwork such as nativity calendars and Easter cards. Abingdon students learn to be role models and develop skills associated with listening and leadership. We look forward to continuing to develop these links with Thameside School as there are enormous opportunities for students in both school settings to benefit from this collaboration.

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