19 June 2020

Fifty lower sixth students from John Mason School, Fitzharrys School, St Helen’s and St Katharine’s and Abingdon School met for the ASiP Peer Support Lead virtual training session with Debbie Lee from King Alfred’s Academy, Wantage.

The training involved looking at listening skills and ideas around the impact of school closure on loneliness. Students held up adjectives to describe what it felt to be lonely and thought about how best to help. They also discussed the importance of keeping clear boundaries when supporting younger students, especially if that support is online.

Members of staff were enormously impressed with the contributions from both the students and the excellent quality of training from Debbie Lee. We are all very excited about the prospect of further training next academic year as well as seeing these young people offer invaluable support to younger students across the town during both remote learning and when schools return next year.

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