12 May 2021

This year has seen another successful group of Peer Support Leads with 17 students having taken part in the programme, across five local schools. A Peer Support Lead is a student who is helping to look after the wellbeing of other students at school. They work within the existing systems of pastoral care in the school and are a friendly face for younger students and their peers to turn to. Hugo Leedham, one of our Peer Support Leads from the past year, took part in the above video interview about his experience.

Applications for next year’s Peer Support Leads have just closed and we are very excited to see a large number of candidates again this year. Several applicants referred to their positive experiences of the academic coaching programme earlier in the year, which influenced their decision and encouraged them to apply. This is great to see as it shows our partnership programmes are having a positive and wider impact on our students. We also look forward to working alongside a sixth school in the Peer Support Lead Programme, with Radley joining alongside St Helen and St Katharine, John Mason, Fitzharrys, Larkmead and Abingdon. The Peer Support Leads from all the schools will take part in online training sessions this term and hopefully meet in person for training in September.

The interviewing process for next year’s Peer Support Leads will be happening in the coming weeks, good luck to all those who have applied.

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