20 June 2017

As we conclude the third year of our Abingdon/Fitzharrys Partnership we have worked hard to build on the collaborative approach to teaching and learning. This year we have tried to incorporate student collaboration in more of the projects. On Tuesday 13 June, ten staff and over 50 students from both schools spent the day working together on topics as varied as the science of the oceans, the impact of globalisation using GIS, swimming coaching and curriculum development in DT. The day was the culmination of this year's work and provided the opportunity to see the results of the engagement and enthusiasm of the staff and students from both schools. Staff taught side by side, while students worked in groups to produce presentations to teachers, governors and the SLT from both schools. The hard work was rewarded with refreshments and pizza at the end of the day. The excellent collaborative work showed what can be achieved when students and staff from both schools get together. Hopefully it provided a blueprint of what the partnership can become as we look to the future. 

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