22 November 2019

On the same afternoon as the St Albans meet a further squad of 23 Abingdon runners travelled to Horspath to compete in the annual Oxford City Championships. The runners tamed the infamous hills and boggy ground to come away with some excellent individual and team results.


Overall Position – 2nd
2nd – Ralph Allen
8th – Oliver Veal
16th – Mark Hanlon
20th – Finnbar Scott
28th – Adam Andrews
89th – Ben Byrne


Overall Position – 1st
3rd – Monty Grewal
7th – Louis Trotter
8th – Alexander Darbishire
12th – Freddie Bower
13th – Ben MacLennan
17th – Matthew Rolfe
23rd – Fran Trotter
29th – Tom Chorley


Overall Position – 1st
1st – Rory Mitchell
6th – Luis Vasconcelos
7th – Tom Rolfe
10th – Lancelot Wilson
12th – Joshua Broadbent
15th – Nathan Hudson
19th – Alfie Blake
21st – Alex Oldham
22nd – Evan Anapliotis

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