30 June to 10 July 2019

We are very excited about our upcoming international music tour to the Far East in the summer.

The Music department at Abingdon School has, over more than 20 years, embarked on many international tours with their orchestras, choirs and bands. We have been as far afield as Hungary, France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, USA, Hong Kong, China and Japan. We have also hosted visits by orchestras from Australia, India and Japan.

These tours provide a tremendous opportunity to excite and inspire our young musicians who work hard to develop their musicianship and to attain the highest standards possible. The preparation for the tours creates a palpable goal and an added incentive for achievement in our orchestras, choirs and bands.

The Summer 2019 tour sees us giving three concerts in Japan and one in Hong Kong, where we are looking forward to linking up with many Abingdon families, both current and past. The opportunity to perform alongside musicians of other nationalities, whilst sharing a common musical language, is a very special one indeed – and it opens up the minds of our pupils to the possibilities of productive friendships and partnerships with other musicians from overseas.

The School’s orchestra is reaching something of a peak in standard, and there are some sparkling soloists with exciting repertoire. We are planning to bring no less that 70 young musicians and seven teachers to form a symphony orchestra and a Jazz Band.

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