21 October 2019

The Ogden Trust Abingdon Primary Science Partnership held its annual professional development day in the ASP lab during half term on this year’s topic of Forces.

Led by ASP Co-ordinator Jeremy Thomas, the eight science leads from local primary schools considered ideas for teaching and learning about the topic, including ways to address the key misconceptions children, and adults, hold.

During the day the participants were able to practise using the resources provided for them in the Ogden Trust Phizzi Forces box and each of them was able to take a box back to their school for use in future science lessons and projects. This year there will be a bonus resource with JCB providing five, free sets of construction models to each of the schools to help in learning about levers, gears and hydraulics.

The Ogden Trust Partnership has had a huge impact on teaching and learning of science subjects in local primary schools over the past four years and it has been a real privilege for ASP to have been able to lead it.

Unfortunately the cycle of support from Ogden Trust comes to an end this year and so we will be seeking other means to support provision of resources and activities to the existing, enthusiastic partners in the future, as well as expanding the number of partner primary schools benefitting from these amazing resources and opportunities.

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