4 January 2017

Two years ago Abingdon began a partnership with a school in the Moldovan village of Zimbreni as part of its ongoing partnership with the charity Agape. One of the teachers from this school, Olesea Jechiu, visited Abingdon this summer as part of the 2016 Moldova Project trip. Here she gives a report of the developments in her school since the link with Abingdon began:

“The visit to Great Britain motivated us to work on identifying new opportunities for students and teachers as well. In the early autumn we applied for a community project and were accepted. Within it, two training days were organised for students, parents and teachers on important aspects in the development of a citizen in our times: teamwork and public speaking.

Students and parents were engaged in activities that are not planned in the school curricula. So, it was an entertaining, original and useful way of spending free time. Also, 15 personal development books and three board games (Monopoly, Carcassone and Dixit) were purchased. We think that by playing board games in their free time, students develop their creative and strategic thinking and improve social life and interaction.

The last activity within the project was called “The impact of volunteerism”. We organised via Skype a meeting with a successful person from our community that lives in the USA. Never before has something like that been organised. Students were interested and stimulated by a real life situation. It worked very well and was very motivating.

Another part of the money from Abingdon will be spent on organising a training session for parents with a trainer from Chisinau. The topic selected is about Dealing with the Y Generation – that is the challenging young generation of our times interested with technology and lacking interpersonal interaction (especially with parents).

We really appreciate your interest for improving the educational process and the development of our institution. Thank you all, for your dedication, empathy and effort to support change for a better future.”

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