15 October 2019

At the start of the Michaelmas term Kate Byrne embarked on a new partnership visual art project with Buckland Primary School. She was asked to do something on Aboriginal art to fit in with their syllabus.

Kate devised a project that would run for three afternoons for one set and three afternoons for another. Students looked at Aboriginal art then made a ceramic Australian animal, Koala bears being the favourite. Students really enjoyed working in clay and making stylised animals.

The second part of the project was about painting and colour mixing where students learnt how to mix their own earthy colours. They used their imagination to make up a story, telling it using Aboriginal symbols (no written words), which they then painted onto a bamboo pole (representing a didgeridoo) and their fired ceramic animals, using aboriginal symbols and dot painting.

The animals are to be mounted onto the bamboo poles and hopefully displayed in the school garden.

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