13 September 2021

The 66 new first years have been settling in well during their first few days at Abingdon, enjoying their lessons and the Other Half and getting to know each other in the Houseroom. Here’s what some of them had to say about their first week:

“This week has been one of the best weeks of my life! All the teachers were really nice and friendly, all the activities I did were really fun and the lunches were great. I can’t wait for next week!”

“I have really enjoyed my first week at Abingdon. I have enjoyed the range of subjects and clubs on offer. I definitely feel I have got the hang of things and am really looking forward to going into my second week.”

“I had a really fun and exciting week. I found Latin interesting with all the gods and their Greek and Roman names, also having a look at how big their shields and swords were. I have really enjoyed German as I haven’t done languages before, apart from a little bit of French, and I feel like it is something new to me.”

“I have greatly enjoyed my first week at Abingdon. As for the Other Half, all of it has been extremely fun. The entire school seems very warm and welcoming and I believe that I will flourish there.”

“My week has been amazing. I love Abingdon. Some of my favourite things about Abingdon are the friends that I have made and the food. The sport has also been great, I especially liked swimming and the rugby. Shooting was also fun. My favourite subjects so far are geography, chemistry and art.”

“My first few days at Abingdon have been amazing. My favourite part of the school was the Other Half (especially the Science Club where we played with non-Newtonian fluids). My other favourite part was the cafe as the food was extremely nice and you could go in any free time you had.”

“I really enjoyed all of the different lessons we have had so far, especially the new subjects I have not been taught before. The older school pupils and teachers are kind and always answer any questions I have.”

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