25 February 2021

The National STEM Clubs network is run by STEM Learning Ltd., based at the University of York. It supports both schools and STEM Ambassadors from industry and academia to run STEM clubs for young people. As part of a remote CPD series for those involved in STEM clubs, Rachel Collins, STEM Clubs Project Officer, organised a workshop on Student-led STEM Clubs and Connecting With Other Schools. Two schools were invited to showcase their student led clubs, Chipping Campden and Abingdon schools.

The presentations were led by members of staff from the schools, but students involved in the successful running of these clubs also took part, sharing their experience with over 50 teachers, science technicians, STEM Ambassadors and STEM professionals attending the remote event from the UK and from overseas.

Senior Science Ambassadors Freddie Nicholson and Jake Wallis from Abingdon have been involved in the setting up and development of our own Primary Science Club since its inception in 2017 and contributed very professionally to the webinar. Delegates were impressed by the number of primary school children attending the club and the quality and range of activities delivered to them by the Science Ambassador team.

The measured evidence of the beneficial impact of the club in developing both academic ability in STEM subjects and many additional ‘soft’ skills was noted, particularly by national STEM club leaders present. As well as being a great privilege to be asked to present our club as a leading example of a student-led initiative, it was a good opportunity to learn from others and to work with colleagues and students from Chipping Campden School who we have worked closely on a number of initiatives in the past few years.

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