3 October 2018

At the weekend, eight boys from Abingdon (3rd form to U6th Tom Mills, Will Franklin, Graham Suttie, James Moore, Kit Mannix, Matthew Buhler, Alex D'arcy, and Rufus Cox) headed off to the National Schools Croquet Championships for the first time. Opposition was exceptionally tough with the Junior Champion from last year entering again after winning his first senior tournament earlier this year. 

The Abingdon contingent came third overall nationally and highest placed individuals were 5th and 6th. Special mention and awards to Tom Mills and Will Franklin for performing as the top Abingdon pair in the tournament. 

The Abingdon team learnt a lot, took on board advice and, over the course of the weekend, the improvement in their play was discernible to all watching. Hope is to improve the facilities here at School and the coaching in the summer term 2019.

We hope to take a strong team into our usual summer term fixtures and plan for winning performances all round. The School Championship was won by Farlingaye School, Ipswich.

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