4 October 2018

National Poetry Day is an important event in Abingdon's calendar as it brings the whole school together to celebrate the energy, joy and wonder of the written word.

We run a hotly contested whole-school poetry competition for the Lower, Middle and Upper sections of the school and there's even a staff category. The day started with tutor groups across the school sharing their favourite poems with each other, taking time out of the busy school day to pause, and listen to a range of poems from a range of periods.

The popular open mic event followed at lunchtime, with students from across the school dropping by to listen or read a favourite poem or one they had written themselves.

As a quiet form of art that can often be pushed to the side, forgotten about or drowned out by the clamour of the twenty-first century, it's been great to see so many boys engage with it this year and enjoy all it offers.

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