1 October 2020

This year Abingdon School’s celebration of National Poetry Day has moved online, with a Virtual Open Mic, featuring students and staff from across the school community recording themselves reading their favourite poems. Take a look at the video and we hope you enjoy sharing our celebration of the written and spoken word.

As ever, the School has held a writing competition. We had a record number of entries for this year’s National Poetry Day competition, and the quality was excellent. Below are the names of the winners:

Lower School

  1. Samuel Price: Three Poems
  2. Lucas Earnshaw: Poem for the New Term
  3. Theo Payne: Isolation

Commendations: Nathan Shestopal: Life of an Isolating 12 Year Old, Fynn Ratcliffe: William Gin, Jack Barnes: My Winter Poem

Middle School

  1. Alex Heffernan: Cold Water
  2. Freddy Chelsom: We Sat Alone Upon a Distant Shore
  3. Oscar Chan: Red

Commendations: Yubo Gao: Vision, Alex Lees: Imagine Vision, Joshua Mensah: Growing Up, Boco To: The Vision of Past

Upper School

  1. Cameron Eilbeck: Vision
  2. David Haar: Two Sonnets
  3. Will Haynes: The Lonely Globetrotter

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