11 September 2017

The 65 new first year boys have made a great start to their time at secondary school and, as the feedback below shows, have really enjoyed their first week as Abingdonians.

“I am thoroughly enjoying Abingdon School so far and I am finding all the lessons exciting, particularly Latin and Science. I like them because they are very different to subjects I did at my village primary school. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw how many activities we could choose from in the Other Half.”

“I really enjoyed my first week here at Abingdon; I was very welcomed by all the second year pupils and the food was really nice. I have enjoyed traveling on the bus and meeting all our new teachers and finding out what lessons they teach. I have enjoyed the wide range of sports opportunities and activities. My favourite lesson so far has been geography because I was constantly laughing my head off!”

“I have had a brilliant first week at Abingdon, having lots of fun. I enjoyed doing Bridge club on Wednesday afternoon, and have found all of my teachers and their lessons very enjoyable.”

“I’ve really enjoyed my first week, all the teachers are really nice, the food is much better than my old school’s food and the clubs give me so many different options.”  

“The lessons have been really fun and exciting. There are so many activities in sports and I loved my PE lessons! I am really looking forward to doing drama in the AMAZING Amey Theatre! I am also excited for DT with all the new equipment to use. The science block is AMAZING, and I really enjoyed my lessons in there.” 

“I have loved the science club and the shooting club and I think I’m making some new friends! My first week has gone amazingly.”

“Before my first day, I felt nervous and found the whole prospect of secondary school a bit daunting. After this first week, all my worries have evaporated! I have managed to understand where most places are without using a map and have really enjoyed the few Other-Half activities that I have done.”    

“I have really enjoyed my first week at Abingdon School. I was really nervous before school started but now I am looking forward to every new day. I have made some friends and really feel at home at Abingdon. I feel like I am settling in and am going to have a brilliant time at the school!”

“Although I'm one smallest fish in the sea, I now feel quite confident because I've learnt where each classroom is and what time to be there at. I'm enjoying lessons here at Abingdon and all my teachers are really encouraging and if you do not feel so confident they will always be there for you.”

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