12 September 2022

The 65 new first years have had a very positive first week at secondary school and have certainly been enjoying using the facilities in the Lower School Houseroom. Here’s what some of them had to say about how things have gone so far:

I have had a great first week at Abingdon. I really enjoyed getting to know lots of my year and some of the other years. I am really excited to try out the big variety of Other Half activities especially rugby and climbing. All of the staff and rest of the school have been very supportive and welcoming to my classmates and me. I am very excited to come back on Monday for my second week.

My week has been amazing, the lessons have been amazing and the lunches were delicious. I have made quite a few friends and (nearly) learnt everybody’s name.

My first week was fantastic and I can’t wait for next week. My favourite part was the Other Half because there is such a wide range of activities that I’ve done before and also ones I haven’t. I’m sure that I will love the rest of my time at Abingdon

My first week has been the most fun I’ve ever had at any school and I am looking forward to going here until I’m eighteen. The things I found the most fun were Latin, DT and Chemistry.

Overall, I have had a good start to the school year this week. Everyone has been really welcoming and all the other pupils have been happy to help if I am having trouble getting to lessons (which has happened a couple of times!). I have especially enjoyed the Other Half activities, chess being my favourite so far.

I am delighted to inform you that I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week at Abingdon School. This is mainly because of all of the support that I have received from the teachers, sixth formers and all the other students. The lessons so far have been very enjoyable.

My first week was great, I really enjoyed the lessons and Other Half that I had. I love the independence that Abingdon offers (and also the food!).

My first week at Abingdon was wonderful. It is an amazing big school. I have enjoyed my lessons so far. I especially enjoyed warhammer club and swimming from the Other Half. It has a variety of activities to choose from and is very enjoyable. The meals are very nice. The teachers have been supportive. Thank you for making me feel welcome in the school.

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