10 September 2018

The 68 new first years have been settling in well to life at secondary school and, if the comments below are anything to go by, have been enjoying their first few days as Abingdonians:

“I have had a great first week at Abingdon. It lived up to all my expectations and I had a great time with friends that I knew before and new friends that I have only just met at Abingdon. It is a great place to be and I am looking forward to the rest of what Abingdon has to offer.”

“I have had an absolutely amazing first week!  My favourite lessons are Latin, English and Drama. I am thrilled with the interior of all of the buildings, especially the Lower School Houseroom!”

“I think I have gotten on well and have made quite a few friends already! I have really enjoyed my first week at Abingdon School and look forward to many more.”

“I have had a great first week, it was great trying out all the new facilities and getting to know the other students a bit better. It has also been amazing to try out all the Other Half activities that I chose, they have been so fun! The opportunities at Abingdon are amazing and I think that I am going to have a great time.”

“I have had an amazing week at Abingdon, I really like the Other Half options and I have made lots of new friends. I am really surprised I haven't got lost yet and I hope I won't get lost in the future!”

“I have loved playing rugby and using the sports facilities (which are amazing!!). I love playing in the houseroom especially the air hockey as well as the huge range of board games. My favourite thing though was the cafe's chocolate muffins!”

“I have gotten off to a great start this week. The teachers are really supportive, and a really comforting environment is provided by not only the teachers but all the students as well. The subjects are really fun, and I know that I will thrive here at Abingdon School.”

“I have absolutely loved my first week at Abingdon school, and I am so glad that I was able to go to this amazing school! I have found that the lessons are thrilling and exciting – I even found maths fun!”

“I have had a great first week at Abingdon School and have already learned a bunch of new subjects. Everyone has made me feel very welcome and comfortable.”

“My first week at Abingdon was wonderful. I have not had a lesson which I didn't enjoy! I signed up for many activities and enjoyed the ones I have already participated in. I made multiple friends and can't wait to get back on Monday!”

“I have had an amazing first week at Abingdon. I've made so many new friends from different schools and lots of different opportunities have opened up for me to try new things.”

“The food is INCREDIBLE and I love the new houseroom. Abingdon has even helped me to enjoy rugby more (I had never played it before so I was a little bit apprehensive about starting it). I can't wait to start my second week.”

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