14 September 2020

The new first years have been settling in well to life at secondary school, enjoying the facilities in the Lower School Houseroom, making a great start in lessons, and getting stuck in to their first rugby session together and a wide range of Other Half activities. Here’s what some of them said at the end of their first week:

My first week at Abingdon has been one of the best weeks of my life.  I was very excited and a little apprehensive at first but once I started lessons, I felt at home. The highlights of my first week were English, German, playing evasion games in PE, making new friends, examining insects and beetles in wildlife club and the delicious school lunches. I also loved trying rugby for the first time and I think I will be a good fly half or a full back.

The teachers at Abingdon are very welcoming as well as caring. I have already learnt a lot of new things and I am exploring many new subjects that I have never been taught before.

I found my first week at Abingdon fabulous. I really enjoyed the academic bits especially the Latin and meeting Cerberus the canis. I also really enjoyed the Other Half activities we got to do and my favourite was the swimming.

One of my favourite lessons was drama because we did a really fun clapping game. I also really enjoyed the English and Latin lessons. All of the teachers have been very nice and made me feel very welcome. It was also really nice to meet with my mentor, Peter, who was really helpful and answered lots of my questions.

My first week was fun and enjoyable with just the right amount of homework so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. The thing I enjoyed the most was shooting on Friday afternoon and the fact that there was a wide variety of lessons and activities.

I have really enjoyed my first week at Abingdon. The sausage rolls were huge and the food is really good!

I would like to say I loved my first week at Abingdon. I found it really fun and I made lots of friends. All the teachers were very friendly and fun. I have enjoyed the new subjects that we didn’t do in primary school such as Latin and the Other Half.”

I have really enjoyed my first week at Abingdon and I am looking forward to many more weeks like this. Things I particularly enjoyed were drama, the amazing library, English and lunches.”

I have had a great first week at Abingdon. I have met new friends and enjoyed every minute of every day. I learnt so much too.

It was great meeting all of the new pupils in my tutor group and year. I have made some really good friends. I very much like the range of subjects and I think I have some inspirational teachers.

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