9 September 2019

The 66 new first years have had a good first week at Abingdon and seem to be settling in well to life at secondary school:

I have really enjoyed my first week at Abingdon. I have met a lot of new first year pupils and I have made new friends. So far all the teachers have been friendly and welcoming. The Other Half activities have been great.

The highlights of my first week have been my favourite lessons (Latin and English). I also have enjoyed starting my various Other Half activities including shooting, Lower School debating and rugby. All in all, Abingdon is a great school and I have thoroughly enjoyed the start of my time here.

I have had a really exciting first week. My favourite subject so far is Physics. I really enjoyed finding out the different temperatures! My favourite part of the week was when I managed to find my cello in the Music Department without help!

I have really enjoyed my first week of school at Abingdon. It has been really exiting to meet all the other students and teachers.

One thing I have really enjoyed is trying out new activities, and I find it is really cool that I am able to do lots of different sports and activities everyday. I'm also really enjoying lessons and am surprised how quickly the days are going.

I have really enjoyed my first week here at Abingdon. I have really liked the Other Half especially rugby. My favourite lesson so far was Maths. The second years have been really friendly towards me. I'm really excited to come back for my second week at Abingdon.

My first week at Abingdon has been great, the sport was amazing and I really enjoyed the sense of responsibility you get, for example moving around the school and having to be on time for lessons. Also the food here is so much better than in my old school.

Since starting at Abingdon I have really caught on to the wonderful community that the school is. I have enjoyed my first week at Abingdon and I am looking forward to the years to come. 

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