10 December 2020

Lower School boys spent an afternoon testing out their observational and deductive skills to solve a heinous crime that had been committed in the school library. By analysing a series of clues on their Chromebooks, they had to try to work out who had murdered the (fictional!) cleaner Conan Drum and write up their findings.

Points were then awarded for:

  • The proportion of clues analysed
  • The quality of the clue analysis
  • The quality of the conclusion (including use of evidence and reference to motive and innocent suspects)
  • Whether the actual culprit was identified

Congratulations go to Dhruv Lakhani and Samuel Price in the second year and Ben Farr in the first year who produced the best answers by virtue of combining the most robustly-argued conclusion with exceptionally strong analysis across a very high proportion of clues.

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