14 November 2022

This month heralded the first joint MUN debate of the term with St Helen and St Katharine. The topic for Thursday’s debate was the invigorating question of ‘commercialisation of space’. Gordon, the delegate for Japan, presented his glorious resolution which called for the restriction and regulation of satellite launching, gave a noble speech and thence the commotion commenced. The USA attempted, once again, to wield it’s fist over diplomacy, against which Bhutan immediately brought up the pressing topic of alien rights, attacking the USA for its ‘outrageous exploitation of martians etc.’, North Korea similarly spoke against the USA who had spread the ‘obnoxious’ rumour that the DPRK had ‘attempted to land a satellite on the sun’. Russia submitted an amendment that called for the launching of all satellites to be controlled by Moscow, which angered the Irish delegate who pointed out that it was rather the duty of the Pope to make decisions of such spiritual importance. In the end however, Russia was repelled and for the first time in a very long time(!), the resolution was passed.

Written by Thomas Chorley

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