1 February 2018

Due to the poor weather before Christmas the Middle School Rugby awards evening had to be cancelled at the end of last term. Over the past two weeks the awards have instead been given out during age group assemblies. Many congratulations to all the winners.

Coaches Player of Season 2017 Winner
U16 A XV Gian Verdding
U16 B XV Charlie Britton
U16 C XV German Baraev
U15 A XV Freddie Rock
U15 B XV Joshua Davies
U15 C XV Charlie Hobbs
U15 D XV Mathys Cazenave


Players Player of Season 2017 Winner
U16 A XV Charlie Atkinson
U16 B XV James Lloyd
U16 C XV Lloyd Langley
U15 A XV James Daly
U15 B XV Andrew Campbell
U15 C XV Rory Worth
U15 D XV Ben Brook

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