9 October 2017

Dr Conti, PhD co-author of The Language Teacher Toolkit, winner of the 2015 TES Best Resource Contributor Award and founder of the free language learning website Language Gym, works at Garden International School in Malaysia and was recently invited by Oxford University to host a presentation on “Breaking the sound barrier – teaching listening bottom up”.

Dr Conti who has become a real authority on new approaches to MFL teaching, came to Abingdon School and delivered an INSET on Friday 30 June. There were a number of independent schools that joined us on the day: Eton College, Magdalen College School, Radley College, Headington School, St Edward’s School, Marlborough College and Highgate School. The invitation was extended to the following maintained schools: Langtree School, Reading School, Fitzharrys School, Matthew Arnold School, St Birinus School, and John Mason School.

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