7 July 2021

Alexandre Peuch in the Lower Sixth was invited to participate in a physics masterclass by Cambridge University last week. IsaacPhysics is an online resource made and maintained by Cambridge for students to practise their physics skills and undertake some very challenging questions to help prepare them for A level and post A level study. Students that complete three or more questions each day can maintain a ‘streak’, with those that maintain the longest streak of completed questions can sometimes be invited to participate in a masterclass. This year due to that pesky virus the masterclass was held online but Alexandre was fortunate enough to have been invited and duly participated. Here’s what he had to say:

“It was quite hard but also very enjoyable. I would say that the most challenging thing was the much higher mathematical requirements (and I presume this is more similar to physics at university level). In terms of what I did during the course, I learnt about different topics within Quantum Mechanics and the part I found most interesting was exploring classically forbidden regions in QM and matching wavefunctions at boundaries.”

Sadly, due to the restrictions Alexandre didn’t manage to get a picture of himself attending the University for the masterclass, so rather than a picture of him outside a college, here’s a picture of Alexandre enjoying some physics problems.

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