13 April 2022

Tout est bien qui finit bien ! (All’s well that ends well!)

A last-minute flight cancellation leading to a 24-hour coach journey arriving in Lyon at 4am was not the start we had been hoping for. However once we arrived, we quickly began to enjoy all the things on offer in this amazing city.

The combination of language lessons in the mornings and accommodation with host families in the evenings gave our students the opportunity to make good progress with their French.

In the afternoons we were able to explore the rich culture of France’s number two city. This included a couple of museum visits – one dedicated to the birth of the cinema (thanks to the Lyonnaise Lumière brothers), a river cruise, crêpe making and a guided tour of the Vieux Lyon as well as a quick visit to the Fourvière basilica which offers stunning panoramic views of the city.

Our students as well as those from SHSK were brilliant and a pleasure to be with. They engaged positively with everything we did and a number of the host families commented on how well brought up they were!

We were all grateful that the homeward journey went according to plan with only a short delay.

Enfin bref, je suis sûr que nos élèves ont fait de beaux souvenirs dans cette belle ville de Lyon.

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