13 June 2017

Lower School enjoyed an exciting afternoon of athletics today at Tilsley Park in the annual inter-tutor group competition. The winners in each event were as follows:

Inter-tutor group Athletics – 1st Year Winners

100m Joshua Mensah 1M 13.64 sec
200m Felix Kind 1P 29.42 sec
400m Rory Kind 1S 1 min 08.46 sec
800m William Blaylock 1S 2 mins 42 sec
1500m Benjamin MacLennan 1S 5 mins 19 sec
High jump Alastair Gray 1P 1.25m
Long jump William Blaylock 1S 3.60m
Javelin Samuel Dominic 1S 19.80m
Discus Oliver Muller 1P 19.02m
Shot Putt Joshua Mensah 1M 10.02m
4 x 100m 1P A 1P 59.29 sec

Inter-tutor group Athletics – 2nd Year Winners

100m Caleb Maijeh 2C 13.25 sec
200m Thomas Long 2W 27.57 sec
400m Jai Biswas Gladwin 2H 1 min 10.66 sec
800m Jack Tilley 2W 2 mins 49 sec
1500m Josh Broadbent 2H 5 mins 13 sec
High jump Joshua Massey-Thompson 2W 1.30m
Long jump Josh Broadbent 2H 4.28m
Javelin George Owen 2H 32.35m
Discus Caspar Mannix 2H 21.10m
Shot Putt Thomas Long 2W 8.54m
4 x 100m 2W A 2W 56.92 sec

Particular congratulations go to first years Oliver Muller (discus) and Joshua Mensah (shot putt) for setting new year group records.

The overall results were:

1st year: 

1st 1P (186 pts)
2nd 1S (171 pts)
3rd 1M (144 pts)

2nd year:

1st 2W (179 pts)
2nd 2H (161 pts)
3rd 2C (159 pts)

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