12 June 2020

Tuesday should have seen the annual Lower School Sports Day at Tilsley Park, but unfortunately given the current situation of remote learning this wasn’t possible. However, not wanting to miss out on the event, the PE department organised their own Virtual Garden Games live via zoom for the boys instead.

After a few personal words of encouragement and inspiration from former British long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe (MBE) all the boys competed in each of the six events: a cereal box jump, throwing & catching tasks, a standing long jump, shuttle run and the grand finale a toilet roll keepy-up challenge.

All the boys rose to the challenges and gave it their best efforts, providing plenty of fun and encouragement for each other along the way and it was fantastic to see both the friendly competitiveness amongst them but also the level of enthusiasm and camaraderie.

There were notable all round performances from Mark Hanlon, George Blumfield, Jack Watson and William Lyon in the First Year and Oliver and Jack Veal, Roddy McVie and Ethan Barksfield in the Second Year, but well done to all 126 boys who took part.

The overall results saw 1J and 2P narrow victors in the separate year group competitions.

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