5 July 2019

The annual Lower School Inter-Tutor Group Swimming Gala took place yesterday afternoon. Results and individual winners were as follows:

  2nd Year 1st Year
  1st Place: 2H – 132 points 1st Place: 1P – 125 points 
  2nd= Place: 2C – 109 points 2nd Place: 1M – 115 points
  2nd= Place: 2J – 109 points 3rd Place: 1G – 112 points
50m crawl Samuel Hughes Luke Skates
50m breast Tim Fowler Aleksandar Ustic
50m back Nick Gurney Adrian Chung
25m butterfly Samuel Hughes Henry Haynes
25m crawl Oliver Clark William Sue
25m breast Tim Fowler Leo Shipley
25m back Jack Deeker Oliver Vivian
4x25m ind med Nick Gurney Ben Cuthbert

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