6 July 2017

The results from today's Lower School Swimming Gala were as follows:

  1st year 2nd year
Individual Winners
50m crawl Max Struthers Jai Biswas Gladwin
50m breast Thomas Wilson Charles Maddison
50m back Jonathan Pannett-Smith Matthew Jarvis
25m butterfly Max Struthers Oliver Moore
25m crawl Callum Aiken George Owen
25m breast Thomas Streatfield Charles Maddison
25m back Arthur Monaghan Josh Broadbent
4x25m ind med Jonathan Pannett-Smith Matthew Jarvis
Overall Results
  1st Place: 1P on 149 points 1st Place: 2C on 126 points 
  2nd Place: 1S on 118 points  2nd Place: 2W on 122 points
  3rd Place: 1M on 92 points  3rd Place: 2H on 111 points 

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