4 July 2018

In recent days the Lower School tutor groups have taken each other on in cricket, tennis and tug-of-war. Results were as follows:

1st year Cricket:
1st – 1L
2nd – 1J
3rd – 1W

2nd year Cricket:
1st – 2P
2nd – 2M
3rd – 2C

1st year Tennis:
1st – 1J
2nd – 1W
3rd – 1L

2nd year Tennis:
1st – 2M
2nd – 2P
3rd – 2C

1st year Tug-of-War:
1st – 1W
2nd – 1L
3rd – 1J

2nd year Tug-of-War:
1st – 2M
2nd – 2C
3rd – 2P

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